In India, yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one to adults, with group classes reserved for children. Here in the US, group classes abound. They offer opportunities to sample different styles of yoga and to work with different teachers, and the chance to practice with a community. But a group class, by definition, isn’t designed to meet your individual needs. Many are strictly geared towards the physical postures, with little attention paid to breath or meditation. Not all the instruction you hear will be right for you to follow, meaning a group class could inadvertently contribute to dysfunctional movement patterns and repetitive stress.

My goal, always, is to give you the tools you need for a robust personal practice, whether that is at home or in a group setting. Together we can explore whatever it is you’d like to learn--breathing techniques and chanting, meditation techniques, postures for improving strength or to recover from injury. All sessions include a written practice for you to do at home. Your practice needn’t be long or complicated for you to reap benefits.

­Semi-Private Classes/Office offerings:

I also teach small group classes (2-6 people) and classes geared towards stress release in office settings. Contact me to discuss your needs.