Lisa is an amazing teacher. I have been studying with her privately for the past six months. Let’s start with the obvious—Lisa has the best voice for yoga. Her calm demeanor immediately puts me at ease, no matter how stressed and tight I am. I can listen to her all day long. During my very first session, Lisa put bolsters on the floor as a starting point, and I just fell in love! Who knew that my body could be supported in such a way that I felt weightless? I was able to see a difference immediately. I have fibromyalgia, so I always have pain and stiffness. With Lisa’s guidance, I am less stiff, and I’m able to get up from a sitting position without creaking!
— J.R.S.
Yoga with Lisa is such an enlightening and enlivening experience. Her ability to listen so attentively and respond so thoughtfully and creatively is truly a gift. Lisa has an upbeat alive approach, yet is firmly grounded. She has made it possible for me, after years of abandoning yoga due to health issues, to return to practicing in a way that has already been life changing. Thank you Lisa!
— MR
Lisa is a wonderful teacher, giving clear, thoughtful and supportive instructions. She has been teaching me pranayama (breath practices), and I love feeling calmer, more peaceful and yet energized after our sessions. What Lisa teaches isn’t offered in classes. I have practiced yoga for six years and Lisa is opening up a whole new area for my practice.
— M.S.
Last year, at the age of 67, I was diagnosed with late onset asthma. I began treatment with appropriate medication but my lung function was limited and I often felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath. I had never practiced yoga (or any other form of exercise) but decided to add alternative approaches in the hope of increasing my breathing capacity. After working with Lisa for only a few weeks, the change in my breath capacity was astounding. I am able to work at home with the written practices she creates for me, changing the practice as my work with her evolves. Lisa creates a safe, nurturing place where I have been able to, for the first time, find a way to develop a yoga practice. She is able, with the gentlest touch, to shift my awareness in a way that allows me to change my relationship to my body and my breath.
— T.B.
Lisa is a joy to work with- smart, knowledgeable, understanding, and sensitive to my special concerns. Based upon her extensive expertise, it was obvious that she is able to tailor various programs and techniques to particular issues and needs. I would certainly recommend her to my friends!!!!! And I will keep practicing!
— J.S.
Lisa is an excellent teacher! She’s calm, patient and endlessly accommodating to my individual needs. I’m “tricky”, so she needed to adjust my practice several times, always with the same extremely thoughtful and caring attitude. I highly recommend her!
— J.G.
I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a customized, fine-tuned set of tools to manage pain, increase your strength or flexibility, or to simply gain confidence in the practice of living in your body. She is an amazing teacher as well as an amazing listener, and working with her really feels like a collaboration in the best sense.
— J.M.
Thanks for making my life so rosy and beautiful.
— BE
Lisa is deeply knowledgable about yoga, but more important, she’s a true teacher — able to share her knowledge in ways that make sense to others. She is caring and warm. Above all, she is highly attuned to her students’ needs, always watching and asking for feedback, making sure that what you’re doing is really working for you as an individual.
— A.G.
Thank you so much for your knowledge, insights and intuitive wisdom. You are truly guided from a deep spiritual place.
— D.C.
I never thought I could learn to meditate and access the benefits. Lisa taught me how. She designed a routine for me that enables me to meditate in motion, through a series of yoga stretches that leave me mentally and physically ready for my day. Even better, Lisa showed me options to do it in five minutes or 20, so I can always fit it in. And it’s such a pleasure—giving me both calm and energy—that I always want to do it.
— E.B.
I have never experienced private yoga sessions before. At this point in my physical/exercise regime I needed help. Lisa’s understanding of the body + my need to get back into a routine with limitations but moving forward was excellent. After 2 sessions things began to gel for me; having a yoga workout that was doable felt wonderful. I will be forever grateful for Lisa’s talent.
— C.C.

Feedback received from a recent workshop on Yoga for Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being:


Very clear instructions! Easy and fun to follow. Lisa is very devoted. Love the class.
— R.T.
Enjoyed every moment in class and will try to do the home practice at least twice a week.
— Sa. F.
I loved every minute of the class! It was so calming and relaxing!
— Sh. F.
Whatever Lisa taught was extremely informative! [I’m] speechless—I was looking forward every week for yoga day! I was taught a fundamental pattern of breathing for life! thanks so much, with appreciation!
— M.L.
Lisa’s calm and gentle personality has a great impact on everyone!! Thanks again!
— L.T.
Thank you so much for the great workshop! I feel like it was customized for my body and mind! I’m a new person! I was transformed to a calmer world…
— S.S.
I love to come to yoga. Lisa is so amazing and positive and kind!!
— S.A.
It’s my first experience with yoga and I couldn’t imagine a nicer instructor. Lisa is so kind. It’s so appreciated. There is so much more to learn from her than yoga. She is an overall role model
— F.M.
I looked forward to this class every week! Thank you for your love and support and sensitivity throughout the entire 6 week series. You are a role model to me!
— R.E.
I love Lisa’s personality—friendly, caring, calm, accepting. She gives off such positivity. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me aware of relaxation. I’m looking forward to learning more and to really let go.
— L.C.
Lisa was EXTREMELY supportive—individually and for the group. Instructions were always clear, never demanding. Everything she does and says is with compassion and caring.
— I.G.